Can't Send Email. Locks up Cyrious

Explanation of Issue

Unable to send email using Cyrious but does not get an error message. It appears as though the program
becomes unresponsive at the point of sending the email. The only way to resume activity in Cyrious is to end the
SMS.exe or Control.exe process and reopen Cyrious.

Possible Root Cause(s)

Anti-Virus or Firewall Configuration


After verifying the proper email configuration under the system settings, verify that the anti-virus software or firewall is set to allow Cyrious. Setting the proper permissions is done by adding it to the list of exceptions as a trusted program.

In some cases, this may not work with all anti-virus progams such as Trend Micro. To verify that the problem is caused by the anti-virus, completely disable the anti-virus program then try to recreate the problem by resending the email out of Cyrious. If the email is sent successfully I would recommend contacting the anti-virus support team to further assist and or consider other anti-virus alternatives such as Microsoft Security Essentials if supported by their operating system.

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