This article details installing Control 5.6 using the installer. For manual installation instructions, click here.

Download the installer

  1. Go to www.cyrioussoftware.com and log in
  2. At the top of the page, click Tech Support
  3. In the gray bar below, click Downloads
  4. Click Control 5.5 Full Installation
  5. Once the installer finishes downloading, run it

Install Control

  1. Select New Server Install
  2. Enter your Cyrious license key
  3. You may be prompted to restart the computer before beginning installation
  4. The installer should:
    • Install and configure SQL Server
    • Install Control (create the program folders and put all files in place)
    • Install and run Chapi
    • Install Cyrious Credit Card Service (C3S)
    • Install Cyrious Cloud City HomeGate
    • Install Avalara (online tax lookup) support
  5. Navigate to the Control folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyrious\Control)
  6. Run SSLIP.exe

To set up Control on client machines, click here.

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