WIKI Formatting Guidelines

This page provides recommended formatting guidelines when using a Cyrious WIKI.

Helpful Info

Cyrious WIKI Guidelines


Use this template for all new pages (unless you have a better one)...
Description ...
==Topic 1==
* Item 1
==See Also==
* Backlinks [[include page="{$page}" component="backlinks"]]

Put WIKI Pages Name as Heading 1

Start all WIKI pages with
    • ={$page}=

This makes the first heading the name of the page ( WIKI Formatting Guidelines can be used anywhere to insert the current page name ).

Table Of Contents

For any WIKI page that does not fit on a single screen viewing (requires scrolling), insert a table of contents near the top.
    • [[toc]]

It must be on a line by itself. I usually put it right after the first paragraph of the description.

Backlink Every Page

Include a list of back-links on every page by inserting this text at the end of every page:
    • ==See Also==
    • * Backlinks [[include page="{$page}" component="backlinks"]]

Add any other relevant links before the backlinks.