Could not load record

This is a generic error from Control indicating that a record it was expecting could not be found. This is usually an indication that Control tried to open a dependent record but it could not find it.

EXAMPLE OF ERROR MESSAGE : Could not Load Record

Table : TransDetail, TransDetailGraphic

ID : (11724, 100, 10100)

In this example, something (perhaps an order or parent line item) was trying to load another line item from the TransDetail and TransDetailGraphic Tables but the ID (11724) was not in the database. (Note: The second number is the Store ID and the third number designates the type of object it is.)

Normal. User is not down.

Open up the Cyrious SSLIP and access the “Database Browser” option

From here, select the “Store Data” database group from the drop-down menu along with the corresponding database.

Run an advanced SQL by clicking on the “query” tab and write the following queries


SELECT * FROM Transdetail
WHERE ID = 11724
SELECT * FROM Transdetailgraphic
WHERE ID = 11724

From here, choose the “view results option and if the record appears for the ID number from the query, then the table is fine. Otherwise, the record needs to be inserted. The ID, StoreID, and ClassTypeID numbers correspond to the three numbers in the error message. Save the changes and then try to reproduce the error.

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