When customers import contacts from another program that have not placed an order in Control, they are considered a “Prospect” in the system. There is no mechanism in Control to change these manually to be “Clients”.

This SQL will set ALL of your prospects imported on a specific date to a client status. You will need to adjust the date to correspond to the date of the import.

To update those records so they have a “Client” status, you can run the below query.

High. This query modifies the Account table. Running it incorrectly may result in prospects being miscoded as customers. All data modifications done through direct SQL are permanent and non-reversable.

-- adjust this to the specific import date (m/d/yyyy)
SET @ImportDate = '8/1/2006';
UPDATE Account
SET ISClient=1, IsProspect=0
WHERE id > 1000 -- eliminate system accounts
  AND DateCreated = @ImportDate
  • Entered : 8/15/2009
  • Version : 2.5+
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