When you click the Work Order Report button, Production Terminal requests that the SSLIP create this file in a certain amount of time. This error occurs if the file is not found at the end of the timeout. This can have several different causes and we will check them in this order:

  1. The SSLIP cannot write to the report folder.
  2. The SSLIP cannot generate the report. The SSLIP Error Log may contain more information.
  3. The report took too long to generate. This is not as likely, the work order report is fairly straightforward.

Check Permissions

  1. Ensure that the user running the SSLIP has write access to the PTSSLIPShare\Reports folder. It should have the same permissions as its parent folder.
  2. ``Generic permissions guide needed…``

Generate the Report

  1. Open Control as an administrator on the same machine the SSLIP is running on.
  2. In Setup > Reporting Setup, locate the “Standard Work Order” in “Reports on Action Toolbar” and “…for Orders (&Invoices)”. This must be the system work order. It is possible this report must be showing on the menu due to the way the report is located by the SSLIP. This needs to be confirmed.
  3. Right-Click on the Standard Work Order Report and select “Print” and then “Preview”.
  4. If the report does not preview properly, this indicates that the SSLIP will not be able to create the report and the specific error must be diagnosed separately. For more information see control_printing

Report Timing Out

  1. You can check this by following the steps to generate the report above. If the time to generate the report is longer than the time it takes for you to get the File Not Found error after clicking the report in Production Terminal, then it is likely this is the problem. Currently there is no workaround for this.
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