The SMSSystemData does not match what is expected from the SMSSystemConfigData.

In order to know if a table is at the current version, Cyrious creates a record in each table to store the table version. The ID of this record is -1 and the version of the table is stored as the ClassTypeID. Each time a table is updated in the program, the latest version is updated.

This error indicates that the table you are working with was updated to a later version that this program knows about. This usually is caused by running a later version of Cyrious which updates the table and then reverting back to an earlier one.

In most cases, there is no harm in just decreasing the table version to avoid the message. As long as the update doesn't reconfigure existing data it is not a problem. Adjusting system data is not a problem since that data is read-only anyway.


  1. Get everyone out of Cyrious
  2. Log into the SSLIP
  3. Navigate to the Database Browser
  4. Select the SMS System Data database group
  5. Select the SMS Config Data database
  6. Select Advance
  7. Run SQL 1
  8. Find the record with an ID of -1
  9. Change the ClassTypeID from it's current value to one less (x to x-1).
SELECT * FROM SystemReportMenuItem
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