Class Not Registered error message when opening a word document from SMS marketing or Control reporting.

When opening a Word report, SMS and Control have to lookup the version of Word to open. This is done inside the registry. It works something like this:

  • Cyrious invokes the OLE application “Word.Application”.
  • The OLE engine looks for HKLM\Word.Application in the registry key and finds the programs' CLSID. This should be the CLSID of the most recent version of Word installed.
  • Cyrious looks in the CLSID key in HKEY_Classes_Root\CLSID\ and finds the LocalServer32 default path. This path is used to start Word to handle the document

The error indicates that one of these paths is not found or correct. This is usually caused by one of the following:

  1. Word not being installed on the system.
  2. Word not being installed correctly on the system.
  3. Anti-virus and anti-spam software often remove these links to prevent spamming software from being able to invoke Word or other Office applications.
  4. Anti-virus and anti-spam software may inject themselves between any request to look-up the CLSID location.
  1. Check that Word is installed on the computer and runs fine. If not, then you need to install/reinstall Word.
  2. Find a Word document (.doc) in Windows Explorer and double-click on it. See if you get the same results as from Control. (This doesn't change the results, but at least confirms if the problem is unique to Control.)
  3. Check the Anti-Virus options to ensure they permit external programs to make OLE calls to Word.
  4. Using the MS Office Installation CD, run the Repair utility. This will reestablish the registry entries.
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