This will get the Cyrious server upgraded from Control 4.6 to Control 5.5. All users must log out of Control prior to upgrading.

Important: If Merchant Warehouse (now known as Cayan) is used for credit card processing, do not perform this update. Merchant Warehouse is no longer supported as of Control 5.5.

  1. At the top, click on Tech Support, then in the gray bar underneath, click Downloads
  2. Download Control 5.5 Update
  3. Take note of your license key. You will need it during installation. It's best to copy it to the clipboard now (highlight it and press Ctrl+C)
  1. Make sure all users have quit Control
  2. Right-click the SSLIP icon and choose Shut Down.
  3. The SSLIP will warn you if there are still users logged in before shutting down.
  4. Once the SSLIP is shut down, run the Control 5.5 Updater
  5. The updater will ask for the license key. If you copied it from the downloads page on our web site, paste it in now with Ctrl+V
  6. Restart the computer if prompted, the run the updater again after reboot if it doesn't start on its own
  7. When asked for the update location, make sure the folder selected is the current Cyrious folder (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyrious but this may vary)
  8. Once restarted, run the update again if it does not start automatically
  9. The update will rename the 4.6 SSLIP folder to SSLIP_Backup and put the new 5.5 SSLIP files in the Control folder
  10. Delete any desktop shortcuts for SSLIP and place a new shortcut for the 5.5 SSLIP in the Control folder
  11. Run the 5.5 SSLIP
  12. Log into Control to allow the database to update. Click yes when asked to back up the database
  • Nothing should need to be done on the client computers since they will still be pointed at the current Control.exe in \\server_name\cyrious$\Control\
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