=Error Message=

The user received an “Invalid Floating Point Operation” when creating or editing an order or estimate.

=Explanation of Error=

A “floating point number” is computer-speak for a decimal number. An “operation” in this case is a math operation. In practive, almost every “floating point operation” error you will get is a Division By Zero problem. (Others exist, but are extremely infrequent.)

This is almost always a case where Control is attempting to divide by a variable (usually quantity) that is zero. For example to get the unit cost they might take MaterialCost/Quantity but if Quantity is zero and the users doesn't consider this they will get either a “Division By Zero” or a “Floating Point Operation” error.


Normal. This affects the users ability to work this the affected product or any order/estimate containing it.

=Possible Root Cause(s)=

#1 Bad Quantity Formula

9/10/2011> Several users has the following formula as the formulat for Quantity in the product setup.

code_formatpascal|code format="pascal"

ParentVariableValue(Quantity, 0)

<code> For child line items, this worked fine. However, if that was promoted to or added as a top level item, it caused this error.

Correct the affected formula to: code_formatpascal|code format="pascal"

ParentVariableValue(Quantity, 1)

<code> The following SQL can be used to identify all the products with this specific issue: code format="sql"

Select Item.ID as ProductID, Item.ItemName as Product, V.Formula

From Variable V

Join PricingPlan PP on PP.ID = V.PricingPlanID

Join CustomerGoodsItem Item on Item.ID = PP.GoodsItemID

Where Formula like '%ParentVariableValue(%,0)%'

and VariableName = 'Quantity'


  • Reported : 09/2011
  • Version(s): 3.5+
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