This page lists common errors associated with customer requests that differing reports don't match each other. This is generally caused by one of the following issues:

Steps to Diagnose
  1. Have copies of the report faxed or emailed over to technical support. Do not attempt to determine the problem without having the reports in front of you.
  2. Check that the date ranges (if applicable) are the same on both reports.
    • If running a historical report, ensure that both reports support running for a previous period. Not all reports do.
  3. Check that the reports were printed at about the same time.
    • Some reports that cover a time span may correctly change if reprinted for the same time span. This is especially true for cost and expense related reports because bills are commonly backdated.
  4. Check that financial numbers are both before or after taxes.
    • Most production based reports work on pre-tax income.
    • Most sales based reports use after-tax income.
Specific Report Problems
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