Control Slowness

Control Slowness

The software seems slow or freezes when making adjustment. Periodically crashes when saving data.

The item rarely ever produces an error message. Commonly this is the result of communication to the server or the SQL Database for a brief moment. The issue is better defined by weather it is intermittent or continuous.

  1. Look through the event viewer at the time of the issue for software notations. If it is continuous, review for errors on software log.
  2. Check the properties on the \Cyrious$ folder to see if the server is backing up that folder. This can be found in the “Previous versions” tab.
  3. Does the server have a Anti Virus?
  4. Is it running real time scans?
  5. Is the \Cyrious$ folder in listed exclusions?

Date: 11/04/2013
Version: Control

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