It may be necessary to reinstall SQL Bridge to clear up an error within the SQL Bridge Assembly. There are 3 ways to reinstall SQL Bridge.

Restart the SSLIP

Every time the SSLIP starts, it will locate the SQLBridge.dll file and install it into the Control SQL Server database.

Reinstall SQL Bridge using the SSLIP (without restarting)

It is not necessary to restart the SSLIP to install SQLBridge. When you right click on the SSLIP tray icon, under Administration Tools, there is a button to Reinstall SQL Bridge.

This will perform the same steps that occur when the SSLIP starts up.

Reinstall the existing SQL Bridge Assembly in SQL

There is also a SQL Stored procedure. The biggest difference with install SQL Bridge this way is that it will not use the SQLBridge.dll file. Instead it will reinstall the last assembly file that was installed. Most of the time, this is not an issue. But if you want to install a new SQL Bridge DLL, then you will have to use one of the first two methods.

EXEC [SqlBridge.Install]
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