How do I list of all SQL Agent Jobs running on a server. You can use SSMS, however the script below will show you the same information using T-SQL. There is also a script to disable the job within each job record. Just copy and paste that record to disable the job.

<code sql> DECLARE @weekDay TABLE (

    mask      INT
  , maskValue VARCHAR(32)


INSERT INTO @weekDay SELECT 1, 'Sunday' UNION All SELECT 2, 'Monday' UNION All SELECT 4, 'Tuesday' UNION All SELECT 8, 'Wednesday' UNION All SELECT 16, 'Thursday' UNION All SELECT 32, 'Friday' UNION All SELECT 64, 'Saturday';


  SELECT AS 'scheduleName'
      , sched.schedule_id
      , jobsched.job_id
      , CASE WHEN sched.freq_type = 1 THEN 'Once' 
          WHEN sched.freq_type = 4 
              And sched.freq_interval = 1 
                  THEN 'Daily'
          WHEN sched.freq_type = 4 
              THEN 'Every ' + CAST(sched.freq_interval AS VARCHAR(5)) + ' days'
          WHEN sched.freq_type = 8 THEN 
              REPLACE( REPLACE( REPLACE(( 
                  SELECT maskValue 
                  FROM @weekDay AS x 
                  WHERE sched.freq_interval & x.mask  0 
                  ORDER BY mask FOR XML Raw)
              , '"/>
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