Document Management

Every print, sign, and graphics business has to manage documents. SMS now includes integrated document management. Folders for storing all those relevant files (artwork, permits, etc.) are automatically created for each order, estimate, and customer. Those files can be accessed by all employees from the documents tab inside the order, estimate, or customer.

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SMS's Document Management (DM) incorporated full support for adding and deleting files, copy-and-paste, and even drag-and-drop from Windows File Explorer. Shared files are normally placed in the customer documents folder and order or estimate specific files are placed in those specific folders. Navigating to the customer's document management folder is simply a click away from within the order or estimate! SMS uses a logical naming structure for all folders, allowing documents to be accessed directly via a network share without going through SMS when needed.


Document Management setup options are found under Mgmt | Set-Up | Setup Store Information | Document Management and include the following options:

Document Management may not be enabled (saved in an enabled state) unless valid shares/paths are provided.

The link to create folders for Open Orders, Pending Estimates, and Active Clients retrieves a list of these objects and automatically creates folders for them. A warning will appear that looks like the below picture:

Default Folder Setup

In the bottom half of the Mgmt | Set-Up | Setup Store Information | Document Management page there are also tabs to set up the default folders.

The default folders referenced by each tab are:

Documents\Default Folders\Order

Documents\Default Folders\Estimate

Documents\Default Folders\Company

NOTE: You may want to set the path using the universal path rather than the local. Cyrious will try to redirect to the universal path, but may not be able to resolve that.


Warning: Cyrious SMS’s internal backup does NOT back up the managed documents. You are responsible for backing up these files using a reliable backup program. Cyrious SMS does NOT maintain any of the file data in its own database so if the files are lost, Cyrious has no ability to help you recover them.

You are responsible to install and operate a back system that backs up every file and folder contained under your Documents path.


Cyrious recommends a minimum backup plan that meets these conditions:

  • All changes in the Documents folder are backed up daily to another computer on the network. Either a backup program (preferred) that can track changes, or a program such as Allway Sync that can do the same thing manually should be used.
  • A full, new backup of the Documents folder contents should be created monthly and taken offsite. This could also be accomplished using a backup program (preferred) or something as simple as zipping up the root folder and copying this to a thumb drive. Cyrious recommends having a full, separate copy of the Documents folder so that in the event the incremental daily backups have a problem (as we have often seen) you still have a fairly recent copy.
  • Use an Internet backup service if you like, but at least makes a monthly local copy also. Cyrious Technical Support has seen many customers with Internet backup configurations that did not copy or could not reconstruct the essential data … and it isn’t pretty when that happens!
  • Keep the last 3 monthly backups.
  • Keep December’s monthly backup from every year as an additional safeguard.
  • Use an Internet backup service if you like, but at least makes a monthly local copy also.

Cyrious’ managed documents are an incredible tool for your business, but you are creating a single point of failure. It is very important that you set up and maintain a reliable backup plan for the managed documents. Please consult your local IT professional for assistance on this, and be sure to check the backup at least monthly to ensure you are getting a good backup!

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