There are 2 different Password set-ups that can be used in Cyrious SMS. All versions older than 8.90 have only 1 Password set-up that is the same set-up in all SMS versions and described in Step 1.

  1. In Cyrious, navigate to Mgmt>Set-Up>Password Set-Up
  2. Here you use a 4 character password and enter twice
  3. You work from the top down giving you access to the Setup & Timeclock first, then the General Ledger, then voiding orders and payments, customer credit and Marketing, then Reports and Graphs
  4. Each password should be unique
  5. 8.9+ require at least the top most password to be set up to enable viewing Credit Card (CC) info

  1. In Cyrious, navigate to Mgmt>Personnel>View/Edit Employees
  2. Enter in our 4 character password from the Setup & Timeclock
  3. Choose the employee(s) you wish to have access to your customer's CC info
  4. Click the edit button
  5. Check the Password to view Payment Information checkbox
  6. Select your name in the Adjusted by box
  7. Enter your 4 character password
  8. Enter in the New Password box with a 7 character password with at least one uppercase, and lowercase letter, and at least one special character like a number
  9. Reenter password into the Confirm box
  10. Click OK

Note: Each employee that is given a password to view CC info needs to have a unique password

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