==Question:== Is it possible to get more detailed tracking by order in SMS other than just the WIP, Built, On Hold, Picked-Up, and Closed statuses?

==Answer:== Yes, you can get a little more detailed with the current disposition of an order by using Dispositions in Cyrious SMS. To setup Dispositions, follow the steps below.

Configuring your list of Dispositions

  1. Open SMS
  2. Click on Mgmt > Setup > Store Information Setup
  3. Click on the Order/Estimate tab within the Store Information Setup window
  4. Click on the Edit button located on the right side toolbar
  5. Under the section “Selection List for Disposition / Projects” specify your list of dispositions, one per line. For example:
    1. Design
    2. Waiting Input

### Need Files

### Permit

  1. Waiting Design
  2. Proof Out
  3. Proof Approved
  4. Cut/Printed
  5. Waiting Assembly, etc…
  6. Click Save on the right side toolbar once you've completed specifying your list

Using Dispositions on Orders

  1. Open SMS
  2. Click on the Payment button on the top toolbar
  3. Click on the Status button within the Payment window
  4. Locate the section labeled “Invoice No.” at the upper corner of the payment window and select the order that you would like to change the disposition on
  5. Locate the section labeled “Change Project / Disposition”, click the drop-down box to select your preferred disposition. Once you've chosen your preferred disposition click “Change Disposition” to apply that disposition to your order
  6. Now that you've set the disposition, you can view it from the Explorer window or the WIP Summary reports

Viewing Disposition of Orders

  1. Open SMS
  2. Click on Explorer
  3. You should have a list of orders on the screen with the first set of columns likely being “Number, Status, Company, Description, etc.”. Scroll to the right of the list of columns and locate the Disposition column. If you would prefer to have this column closer to the first set then simply click on the word disposition and drag it over to where you would like it placed
  4. You'll need to repeat this process on each computer that uses Cyrious

Printing Report with Dispositions

  1. Open SMS
  2. Click on Reports on the very top toolbar, click on Order Status, then WIP Summary
  3. Be sure to check the option for “Print Order Disposition?” and click Print or Preview
  4. You should then see a column in the center of the report labeled Disposition

Note:If you need more advanced and defined tracking than what is available after following these steps, then you may want to look into our Cyrious Control package.

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