In Cyrious SMS you are given the freedom to choose which kind of Invoice, Work Order, or other report that you would like to print when viewing Orders. This can be done in Reporting Setup

  1. Expand the Individual Menu folder on the left-hand side
  2. Expand Order (Invoice) Reports

Here you can see a list of reports that have been set up for use when right-clicking an order in the Explorer or when Printing a report from the toolbar with an order open. Highlight any report and utilize the Move Up and Move Down button just above the report list to edit the order in which reports appear. Note: you must restart SMS in order for these changes to take effect.

In addition to Cloning an already existing Report for an alternative configuration, you can also Add a completely new report to your Order (Invoice) Reports. To do this, click the Add button at the top of the window. For this example we will Add a new Crystal Report.

  • Fill in the Menu Item Name to identify your new report
  • For File location, select a report from the drop down list or select On Drive if you have a Custom Report
  • When you're finished, click Save and restart SMS
  • Keep in mind that reports will only show up in a list if the Show on Menu box is checked
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