Pulling previous close outs reports from a historic time frame is very limited. Note, that if you are closing the day, month, and year, or the day, and month, you have to pull the reports based on the time frame you want. In other words, you will pull Daily reports using Day Close & Reports group with the time frame of Prior Daily Close Out, use Day/Mth Close & Reports group for just the Monthly reports, and Day/Mth/Year Close & Reports group for only the Yearly reports. You can not pull the day and year using the Monthly Close Out, nor can you pull the monthly and daily using the Prior Yearly Close Outs.

Tier 1 steps
  1. Open the Quick Reports
  2. Choose the report group you need. (Remember to use only the Day Close & Reports for reports labeled Daily, only use Day/Month Close & Reports for the reports labeled Monthly, and use Day/Mth/Yr Close & Reports for the reports labeled Yearly)
  3. Uncheck the WIP Summary, and AR Aging Summary reports (These can not be pulled historically in SMS)
  4. Uncheck the Close Day (or Day/Month, or Day/Month/Year) checkbox
  5. Uncheck the Export Acct Data checkbox, if there
  6. Uncheck any reports labeled Daily if pulling Monthly reports (Daily reports have to be pulled separately), or uncheck and reports labeled Daily or Mthly if pulling Yearly reports (Daily reports and Monthly reports must be pulled separately)
  7. Click the Print button to the right
  8. Click the Show Detail button under Date
  9. Click the Since Last Daily Close Out drop down list
  10. Choose Prior Close Outs
  11. Choose the appropriate prior close out (Daily, Monthly or Yearly) group
  12. Choose the correct time frame for the reports needed from the pop-up list
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