The day, month, year, or GL export was closed by accident. This WIKI describes the process of removing a closeout in the database.

=Explanation of Error=

Cyrious SMS uses closeouts to track when the daily, monthly, or annual reports were created, or when the GL export file was created. This is simply a date and time entry in the Closeout table. To retroactively closeout, a new record must be manually inserted into this table.


  • If customer is running 8.91 you can walk them through closing and unclosing specific dates in Cyrious
  • _Existing users do NOT need to close while this work is done._
  • FASTSIGNS does NOT need a Royalty Closeout. Also Allegra Customers that are on the current release *8.91 does NOT need a Royalty Closeout either.

=Only for 8.91 Customer to remove their own closeouts=

  1. Navigate in Cyrious to Mgmt>Accounting>Retroactively Closeout
  2. Select the Close Out Type from the DropDownList (Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Royalty) that you need removed
  3. Highlight the Close Out you need removed
  4. Click the Delete Close Out button
  • Note: to see the newly inserted close, you will have to choose a report that allows datetime selection or shutdown and reopen Retroactively Closeout

=Tier 1 Actions=

  1. Obtain the type and datetime of the closeout to be deleted.
  2. Opened the Database Browser at ..\Cyrious$\SMS\Utilities\DBBrowser.exe.
  3. On the View Tables tab, Click on the Closeout Database table in the left section.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the grid by clicking on the » button beneath the data.
  5. Look for the closeout that needs to be removed and highlight it
  6. Delete the record in the table by clicking the - button beneath the data.
  7. If a new version of the DBBrowser is being used, you will have to run a query to remove the entry

code format="SQL"


WHERE “Closeout Database”.“Date” = '1/1/97 12:00:02 AM' and CloseOutType = 'Y'

<code> Note: set the datetime to the exact datetime in the table that needs to be removed Note: These are the different types of close outs and they are case sensitive in the query as well as the database. * D for Daily Closeouts * M for Monthly Closeouts * Y for Yearly Closeouts * X for GL Export Closeouts * R for Royalty CloseoutsCheck with management before manually inserting any Royalty closeouts. * Click on Reports | Activity Report * Expand the Show Detail** button under dates

  • Click the drop down for dates
  • Select Prior Close Outs
  • Select the appropriate close out type you inserted
  • Examine the list for your entry.
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