Customer doesn't have a dongle or dongle does not function for reasons undetermined, will require a key file

  1. Open the Tech Utility
  2. Click on the tab File Key
  3. Open the Customer Record in Control and go to the Authorizations tab for the required information for the following steps:
    1. In the Tech Utility, set ID to the Dongle ID
    2. Set the No Hard Drive Expires date to atleast 1 day past the current date no more than 30 days
    3. Click the Permanent checkbox after the Authorized Through fields
    4. Set appropriate application
    5. Set the appropriate Level
    6. Set the number of Stores
    7. Set the Number of Users
    8. If necessary set the number of Partial Users
    9. If necessary set the number of SSLIP Clients
    10. If necessary check the appropriate Modules
  4. Click the Initialize Key button
  5. Save as license.ckf
  6. Copy the license.ckf to the SSLIP folder
  7. Test by opening the SSLIP
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