This is a reminder of when your support contract ends.

This will not disable any features in Cyrious.

  1. Open Company record in Control and go to Service Contact tab
  2. Note the Expiration Date*
  3. Open you Tech Utility
  4. Click on the tab SMS Pre-Ver. 8 Codes
  5. Enter the expiration Date in the Authorized Through: DDL
  6. Note the Tech Code
  7. Have customer double click on the Support Expired label in Cyrious
  8. Read the customer the Tech Code
  9. Have the customer click OK button and OK again
  10. Have customer click once where the Support Expired label was
  11. Have customer click once again where the Support Expired label was
  12. Have the customer read back the date now showing ensuring it matches
  • If customer is on Monthly contract (see UDF> Tech) explained that this is only a reminder and does not affect Cyrious. Offer to extend it for a year, but that we will have their actual support expiration date on file and that date showing is NOT an official support expiration date.
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