={$page}=Upgrade to Control 4.4


Normal. User is down until the upgrade is completed(about 45min to an hour).

  1. Copy C3S, Hast.rar, and the Control4.4rar to the Desktop.
  2. Kill SSLIP, Kill any open sessions in control (stop SQL Server for additional security)
  3. Rename the EXE and mdb's.
  4. Delete the ldb's.
  5. Copy the New Exe and the mdb's into the folder.
  6. Rename the SSLIP.exe
  7. Copy the C3S Installer, DLLs, other files, and the Setup.Exe into the SSLIP>Utilities>C3S folder.
  8. Restart the Database in SQL server.(if you stopped it)
  9. Open the SSLIP.
  10. Open Control Generate a new password for C3S encrypton (These are of not use to you as a user. They do not allow you to access anything directly) and other passwords as prompted.
  11. When Control Launches test it by doing a print preview of an estimate.
  • Reported : 2/15/2010
  • Version(s): Control 4.3 to 4.4
  • Fixed in : Control 4.4
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