You see nothing but a black screen when attempting to open Production Terminal from your computer.

  • Windows 7 Pro visual effects may be preventing the browser from displaying properly.
  • Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application (Code: 1001) - This can be seen on the developer tools console by pressing F12.
  • ===Solution #1 (For Windows 7 Pro)===
    • Right-click on “My Computer”.
    • Select Properties.
    • On the left side of the screen, select Advanced System Settings.
    • You should now be in the System Properties dialog box. In the Performance section, Press the “Settings” button.
    • Check the Adjust For Best Performance checkbox and click OK.
    • Click OK again to exit the System Properties dialog box.
    • Close the System Properties box. Congratulations! Your Production Terminal should now display properly.
  • ===Solution #2===
    • Navigate to Control Panel and search for “Font”.
    • Choose “View installed fonts”
    • The exception is caused when a font is installed on the system whose name contains “&”. (Example: Avenir.ttc is one TrueType Collection containing various fonts with “&” in their name.)
    • Uninstall the fonts if they are not being used.
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