Error checking email:Authentication failed

The Customer receives this error when trying to email out of Control.

Normal. User is not down but cant email from that machine using internal settings.

The customers user name and password information may not be correct. Try using the test email information in place of theirs to make sure this is the case.

  1. Open the 'Setup' menu, system setup and choose email options.
  2. Write down all existing settings before making any changes. Make sure the user knows the password before deleting or replacing it.
  3. Go into edit mode and Select 'Internal' under the drop down arrow section.
  4. Apply the following information:
    • POP (Incoming Mail Server):
    • SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server):
    • SMTP (Outgoing Mail Port): 25
    • Username:
    • Password:
  5. Run the “Send Test Email” and “Test Check Email” tests after you apply the settings and make sure “Authentication required” is checked.
  6. Reset the users information to their original setting. Do not leave the user pointing at the test email system.
  • Reported : 7/9/2009
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