• Log out of Control and back in.
  • Restart Computer.
  • Restart the SSLIP and Chapi.
  • Restart your Server then the SSLIP and Chapi.

Depending on how your network was set up, you may need to log into your server after a Windows Update.

  • When you have a tech issue that was not resolved by doing the above steps in consecutive order, please document the issue.
  • Save screen shots of any error messages and steps taken that before issue/error occurred.
  • Contact Technical Support at support@cyrious.com or 225-752-2867.

Tech support will ask you questions that may include the following:

  • What are the steps that brought on the issue?
  • What is the error message you are getting?
  • How long have you been having the issue?
  • Were there any changes made recently on your computer, server or network?
  • Does this happen to any other user? Does this happen on any other computers?
  • Which version of Control are you running? Help > About Control > Version.
  • Have your IT person/company check your network speeds and Windows Event Viewer.
  • Have your IT person/company ping other machines over the network by DNS or IP address.
  • Is your Anti-Virus or Firewall blocking Control or associated services?
  • Your system/company email was set up in: System Setup > General > Email Options.
  • If an individual user changed their email settings, these will be the settings for the individual user. Setup > User Options > Email Option.

Tech support will ask you questions that may include the following:

  • When did the problem start and how often does it occur?
  • Have you been successful emailing to yourself or any other email address?
  • Open an internet browser and search for the External exception error including the error number, these could be related to your operating system, your network or your hardware.
  • Is your printer turned on, plugged in and the cable connected properly?
  • Can you print from other software?
  • Is the printer a Network or Local printer?
  • Have you or anyone else ever been able to print to the specified printer?
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