When an balance due on an order is determined to be “uncollectable”, Control provides a mechanism to write-off the balance.

Like a payment, write-off reduces the balance due on the order and corresponding accounts receivable. Unlike a payment, however, the amount of the reduction is an expense (or contra-income).


  • You can only write-off an order in a sales status.
  • Unlike editing an order and reducing the amount of the order, write-off do not reduce any sales tax owed.
  • Although not required by Control, generally write-offs are used to reduce the entire remaining balance due.
  1. Open the Order.
  2. Go to Totals Tab.
  3. Click on price button for Write Off. (If the button is not shown, check that the orders is in the sales status.)
  4. Enter in amount of Write Off.
  5. Enter in a Reason for Write Off.
  6. Click OK.
  • Reported : 7/30/2009
  • Version(s): All
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