These are the steps to move the server installation of Cyrious onto a new computer.


SMS 8.5 and older will not run on Vista, Windows 7, or later operating systems. Only versions SMS 8.6 and higher support these operating systems. SMS 8.91 requires Windows 7 Professional or higher.


The process of moving the SMS server involves the following steps:

  • Shut the old server down.
  • Fully install and test a full version of SMS on the new server.
  • Restart the new SSLIP and SMS then test.
  • Uninstall SMS from the Old server
  • Reinstall SMS on the old server as a client if desired.


  1. Shut the SSLIP down on the old server, but do not make any other changes at this time.
  2. Copy the SMS folder from the old server
  3. Create a directory “C:\Program Files\Cyrious” or “C:\Program Files (x86\Cyrious”
  4. Paste the SMS folder in the new Cyrious folder
  5. Install SMS on the new Server
    1. Perform a Upgrade on the new server using these steps: sms1_-_upgrade_8.91_to_latest_release
  6. If not updating, ensure to set up Sharing the Cyrious Folder
    1. Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyrious (or C:\Program Files\Cyrious) folder.
    2. Click the Alt key
    3. Click on Tools, then Folder Options
    4. Click the View tab
    5. Click the Show hidden files, folders, or drives radio button
    6. Uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types
    7. Scroll down and uncheck the Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended)
    8. Right click on the Cyrious folder and choose Properties.
    9. Click on the Sharing tab
    10. Click the Advanced Sharing button
    11. The file should be shared as Cyrious$. This is usually already done.
    12. Click on the Permissions Folder
    13. If not already in the List, add the Everyone user.
    14. Set the Everyone user to have Full Control.
    15. Click OK to close the sharing folder.
    16. Click OK to close the Advanced Sharing Folder
  7. Set up the Security permissions
    1. Click on the Security tab.
    2. Click the Edit button
    3. Ensure the Allow Full Control checkbox is checked on all the groups or user names except the Creator Owner
    4. Click Apply
    5. Click the Advance Button
    6. Click the Change Permissions button
    7. Uncheck the Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent (or click the button to remove inheritance
    8. Click the Remove button
    9. Ensure there is Everyone at the top and there is Users and TrustedInstaller below Everyone
    10. Highlight and remove all other users
    11. Click the Apply button
    12. Check the Include inheritable permissions for this object's parent and Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object checkboxes
    13. Click the Apply button
    14. Click the Yes button
    15. Click the OK button
    16. Click the OK button
    17. Click the OK button
    18. Close the properties window.
  8. Create license key file.
    1. Using the Older Cyrious Tech Support Utility
    2. Go to the File Key tab
    3. Open the Customer Record in Control and go to the Authorizations tab for the required information for the following steps:

### In the Tech Utility, set ID to the Dongle ID

### Set the No Hard Drive Expires date to atleast 1 day past the current date no more than 30 days

### Click the Permanent checkbox after the Authorized Through fields

### Set appropriate application

### Set the appropriate Level

### Set the number of Stores

### Set the Number of Users

### If necessary set the number of Partial Users

### If necessary set the number of SSLIP Clients

### If necessary check the appropriate Modules

  1. Click the Initialize Key button
  2. Save as license.ckf
  3. Copy the license.ckf to the SSLIP folder
  4. Test by opening the SSLIP
  5. Run and Test the new server
  6. Start the SSLIP
  7. Run SMS
  8. Open Explorer.
  9. Edit and save an order.
  10. Preview an Invoice.
  11. Be sure to set up a new Backup folder (Mgmt>Set-Up>User Options>Backup).
  12. If 8.91 ensure that the documents folder are set to a path on the new server.
  13. Remap the Documents folder in the Mgmt>Set-Up>Store Options to use the new universal path for the new server.
  14. Do not proceed until the new system is tested and working with the users working database..
  15. Uninstall the old server
  16. On the old server, Uninstall Cyrious.
  17. Remove the Cyrious$ share on C:\Program Files\Cyrious if it still exists.
  18. Remove the SSLIP shortcut in the Startup folder if it still exists.
  19. Rename the C:\Program Files\Cyrious folder to Cyrious-MOVED TO NEW SERVER.
  20. Install the old server as a client
  21. Remap clients to point to new server
  22. Remap the BDE strings in the HKLM
  23. Remove the Cyrious key from the HKCU
  24. Remap the shortcut to the client
  25. If desired, install the old server as a new client using these steps: SMS1 - Client Install.

Note: Copy over the old backed up .mdb files (you can identify them as they have a date added to the name) in the SMS folder. They may be in a folder called DO NOT DELETE, if not create a new folder that is called DO NOT DELETE in the SMS folder and paste the backed up .mdb files in there

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