SMS Access Violation Errors

SMS Access Violation Error

An access violation is a poorly named error in Windows when a program is trying to access memory in Windows that it does not own. This is usually caused by:

•Uninitialized Object. When a program references an object that has not been created. (The error will reference an address that starts with FFFF or 0000.)

•Accessing a Freed Object. When a program tries to reference an object that has been deleted/destroyed and Windows has recaptured the memory. (The error will reference an address that does not start with FFFF or 0000.)

Note: When an object in uninitialized, it will ALWAYS yield an access violation. The second of these occurs more erratically than the first, because Windows often doesn't reclaim freed memory for a while. If the program attempts to access a freed object before Windows reclaims the memory, no Access Violation will occur. Hence, the second case produces more erratic errors than the first.

This page contains common SMS Printing Errors.

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