This error usually indicates a bad Marketing installation or an invalid file path for the reports.

See Resolution 3 for Windows 7 issue

  1. Make sure no instances of Marketing are running.
  2. Browse to POS directory.
  3. Rename current Marketing.exe to OLD_Marketing.exe
  4. Download new Marketing.exe file to their machine.
  5. Retest Marketing report.
  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Cyrious\SMS
  2. Rename the Reports folder to “_Reports”
  3. Open Cyrious
  4. Navigate to the Mgmt>Set-Up>Machine Setup>
  5. Select System Paths
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Remove the “Reports” path
  8. Click Save
  9. Test by opening Marketing - this should create a new Reports folder in the SMS folder and allow Marketing to open
  1. Error occurs when accessing Modifiers in SMS on a Windows 7 machine where the Cyrious server is an XP machine

#Presently we believe that the problem is related to the interaction between the Windows XP server and 7 client

  1. Have Customer test to see if they can access the modifiers on a different client or the server
  2. Explain there is no resolution at this time

1. Check to see if any antivirus programs are installed on the problem machine.

2. Completely uninstall the antivirus program (even if they are expired)

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