Repeated/Frequent Database Corruption

Some users experience a repeated problem with database corruption. This can be caused by inconsistent connections to the network.

Normal. User is not down though repeated nature of problem is frustrating.

  1. Power Management recommended_network_troubleshooting Windows installs with certain Power Management settings preset to conserve energy, but is not condusive for live database transfers
  2. Network Connectivity benchmark Networking speeds between the server and client machine are substandard for editing live databases. Recommended Read/Write speeds are 2000kbs - 10000kbs for a regular network. (For a GB Network, the speeds are 20000kbs - 30000kbs.)
  3. Anti-Virus/Firewall These can block your client machines from access Cyrious across the network
  4. Network Problem This is an issue that will probably have to be resolved by hiring a tech in your local area. You can try to narrow down the location of the source of the problem yourself somewhat.
  1. Right click on My Computer
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click on the Hardware tab in the System Properties
  4. Click on the Device Manager button in the System Properties
  5. Expand the Network Adapters in the Device Manager
  6. Double click on anything that opens up below the Network Adapters
  7. Select the Power Management tab
  8. Uncheck any checkboxes that are checked
  9. Click the OK button
    • Repeat if there are multiple Network adapters
  10. Close the Device Manager
  11. Click on the Advance tab
  12. Click the Setting buttons in the Performance field in the System Properties
  13. Select the Data Execution Prevention tab in the Performance Options
  14. Ensure that the top radio button is selected (Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only)
  15. Click the OK button in the Performance Options
  16. Click the OK button in the System Properties
  17. Right click anywhere on the open Desktop
  18. Select Properties
  19. Select the Screen Saver tab in the Display Properties
  20. Click the Power button
  21. Ensure that all settings are set to Never
    • you do not have to change the Turn off monitor settings
  22. Select the Hibernation tab in the Power Options Properties
  23. Ensure the Enable Hibernation checkbox is unchecked
  24. Click OK in the Power Options Properties
  25. Click OK in the Display Properties
Test Network Connectivity Resolution
Anti-Virus/Firewall Resolution
  1. Verify that the anti-virus software or firewall is set to allow Cyrious.

Setting the proper permissions is done by adding it to the list of exceptions as a trusted program.

  1. In some cases, this may not work with all anti-virus progams such as Trend Micro.

To verify that the problem is caused by the anti-virus, completely disable the anti-virus program then try to recreate the problem. If successfully it is recommend contacting the anti-virus support team to further assist and/or consider other anti-virus alternatives such as [[|Microsoft Security Essentials]] if supported by their operating system

Network - Troubleshooting the location of the issue
  1. If your error typically pops up on one computer first all the time, it is likely that is the problem computer.
  2. Run the benchmark utility to determine which computers are having speed issues.

If all the client machines are getting poor results, it is likely the networking problem is from the server to the router.

If it is just one client machine gettting poor results, it is likely the networking problem is from that client to the router.

  1. Disable the problem computer (not the Server) OR don't use Cyrious on that computer to see if the problem goes away.

If it does, that confirms the problem is between that client and the router

  1. If multiple computers seem to be the problem, don't use Cyrious on any computer except the server.

If the error continues and you are only using the server - the problem probably lies between the server and the router

If the error stops, start using one client machine and the server to see if the problem starts up again. If it does, stop using that machine and use another machine with the server. If the error continues after using on every machine, this will definitely confirm the problem between the server and the router

Easily replacable items

These are things you can possibly replace yourself and not have to contact a computer/network tech, depending on your skill level.

  1. Network Interface Card (NIC) - this is the card in the computer that you plug the Cat-5/Cat-6 cable into.
  2. Cat-5/Cat-6 cable
  3. Router

**Note:** We recommend a Gigabyte (GB) network

This is what we are recommending, not brand names, but network type.

  1. Cat-6 cable
  2. GB NIC
  3. GB Router
  • Reported : 6/29/2009
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